Banking and fintech solutions

Everything the card business needs

Our tailored solutions support the entire lifecycle of payment cards. From card issuing and management to card acquisition and merchant management.



Card issuing and management

Our solutions support various types of debit and credit cards and include:

  • Card applications
  • Configurable card limits and transaction types: cash, payments, e-commerce and contactless transactions
  • Loyalty-scheme support
  • Interest calculations
  • Authorization and transaction processing
  • Processing and handling customer repayments
  • Credit-card debt management
  • Fraud-detection management
  • Service-provider integration for dispatching invoices and statements
  • Service-provider integration for card personalization


Card acquisition and merchant management

  • Managing merchant agreements
  • Integration with cash registers, terminal systems and processing centers
  • Processing and clearing merchant transactions
  • Handling terminal parameters
  • Issuing merchant reports


Icefire has extensive experience with card standards (ISO8583, IPM, Base2, etc.), protocols, networks and WAPs, and we follow PCI-DSS.


We know everything about sending, receiving and processing payments. This includes all standards (including SEPA, instant SEPA and SWIFT), local payment standards, and the latest payment channels. Our PSD2 and plug-and-play integrations are exceptional. We work fast, and — as with payment cards — Icefire solutions are customized to fit your needs.

Credit solutions

We offer tailor made credit solutions that cover the entire loan lifecycle from application to final repayment, including a loan account (which can also be used as the current account) and financial accounting for loan events.


  • Automated loan-initiation process and applications
  • Instant and automatic customer analysis, credit scoring and decision
  • Loan-contract management
  • Automated disbursements and repayments
  • Debt collection
  • Financial accounting and reporting

KYC & online onboarding for companies

Online consumer onboarding is the new normal. But when it comes to onboarding businesses, many banks and other service providers still struggle. With a lot of manual input, it can take weeks or months to run background checks and adequately assess companies’ risk levels. We offer a fully-digital KYC platform for onboarding companies. It can be easily integrated with existing bank infrastructure or a variety of SaaS platforms.


  • Fully digital online background checks in real time by integrating multiple data sources (AML, terrorist lists, PEP and media monitoring)
  • Seamless KYC flow for businesses: personal identity verification and company risk scoring
  • Risk model for company risk assessment

Risk management and fraud prevention

Security issues are a major concern for institutions in most industries. If you handle payments and finances, you need rock-solid risk management and fraud prevention. Our solutions use machine learning and AI to help you keep up with fraudsters’ evolving methods.


Core specialties

  • Credit scoring
  • Fraud detection powered by AI and machine learning
  • Real-time accounting and event reporting
  • Provisioning
  • Compliance and regulatory reporting, incl. solid GDPR implementation experience

Customer touchpoints

Customers use your products and services on different devices, in different circumstances, and in different ways. If they cannot communicate with you easily, you’re in trouble. We’ll help make each customer touchpoint a pleasure. From client to broker to merchant, for both B2C and B2B relationships. Our UI&UX and backend designers will map your customers’ needs and seed their journey with the right features and functionality.

Banking core

Our lightweight banking core can be quickly and easily integrated, so you can start serving your customers. No special technology capability is needed. The banking core is fast and scalable, highly configurable and includes multi-tenant options. What’s more, it can be easily adapted to your specific requirements.



  • Accounts (including multi-currency accounts)
  • Transactions
  • Payments
  • Deposits
  • Multi-currency operations
  • Interest calculation and interest-rate management
  • Price-list configuration and service-fee calculation
  • CRM
  • Chart of accounts and bookkeeping transactions
  • Lending (also available as a separate product)

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