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Case Study


Icefire automated the whole revenue journaling process for Skype's global paid services business in real-time – facing enormous amount of simultaneous transactions and supporting different international accounting standards.

The Challenge

Due to the growing volumes of the transactions (over half a billion users, 20 million simultaneous users, about 28% of the world’s international calls) generated by the paid services, both the time-lag and the manual work related to revenue accounting and reporting became less and less acceptable for Skype.

The Solution

Icefire was chosen from three pre-selected international candidates to design and implement the solution as we demonstrated the best understanding of the arisen issues – both from the financial accounting as well as from the IT point of view.

We analyzed and consolidated all the complex journaling and accounting rules, from which some were undocumented and had to be found by just reading the source code of DWH loading procedures and some were just not consistent with each other. In addition to that, during the project Skype launched several new services to the market, which had to be taken into account in the middle of the project course adding a new layer of complexity to the overall work process.

Business Benefits

  • Completely automated revenue journaling process
  • More detailed and reliable in-time income reporting (reduced to less than 24 hours from more than 2 months previously)
  • Simultaneous support for both the US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and the IAS (International Accounting Standards)