About the company

In September 2002 four former IT managers of Swedbank founded Icefire. The company's values were set in its inception and have remained unchanged: always deliver the best solution, always in time and within budget. Today, Icefire has a strong customer base including Telcos, Banks and Public Sector Institutions and is proud to have 80+ experienced and talented people on board.

Vilve Vene

Founder and Co-owner

Vilve is somewhat a mystery – bold and daring in her doings, extremely logical yet completely creative – she is the one who turns new ideas into reality. With Vilve, it often seems her abilities have no limits and coupled with her emotional intelligence enable her to successfully complete at least 20 things at the same time.

Even more dazzling is how every single thing on her table receives utmost attention and is handled with real passion. What is more she is one of the people who are natural in leading by example, inspiring everyone to work with dedication and encouraging initiative taking.