About the company

In September 2002 four former IT managers of Swedbank founded Icefire. The company's values were set in its inception and have remained unchanged: always deliver the best solution, always in time and within budget. Today, Icefire has a strong customer base including Telcos, Banks and Public Sector Institutions and is proud to have 80+ experienced and talented people on board.

Liivi Kompus

Founder and Co-owner

Stable, helpful and conscientious – Liivi is the godmother of Icefire’s patience and punctuality. She has the extraordinary ability to go through every little detail – ten times if necessary – and her thoroughness is a guarantee that no aspect of the plan or project is left hanging in the air. Also she has her special way of managing even the most opinionated people, subconsciously turning them into great team players. Last but not least, her ability to stay calm and adequate even in most critical situations can be a real day saver!