About the company

In September 2002 four former IT managers of Swedbank founded Icefire. The company's values were set in its inception and have remained unchanged: always deliver the best solution, always in time and within budget. Today, Icefire has a strong customer base including Telcos, Banks and Public Sector Institutions and is proud to have 80+ experienced and talented people on board.

Heiki Kübbar

Founder and Co-owner

Heiki is all about starting new things. His go-ahead attitude, excellent communication skills and ability to think out of box enables him to grasp and realize opportunities almost at the speed of light.

Compared to the rest of Icefire, who are known for being extremely systematic and detail-oriented crowd, Heiki’s ideas fly on completely another level. While engineers and analysts incline towards being down-to-earth and deliberative, it is Heiki’s vision that often inspires them to fly higher. And that is where success usually begins from!