About the company

In September 2002 four former IT managers of Swedbank founded Icefire. The company's values were set in its inception and have remained unchanged: always deliver the best solution, always in time and within budget. Today, Icefire has a strong customer base including Telcos, Banks and Public Sector Institutions and is proud to have 80+ experienced and talented people on board.


  • Heiki Kübbar

    Heiki Kübbar

    Founder and Co-owner

    Heiki is all about starting new things. His go-ahead attitude, excellent communication skills and ability to think out of box enables him to grasp and realize opportunities almost at the speed of light.Read more

  • Vilve Vene

    Vilve Vene

    Founder and Co-owner

    Vilve is somewhat a mystery – bold and daring in her doings, extremely logical yet completely creative – she is the one who turns new ideas into reality. With Vilve, it often seems her abilities have no limits and coupled with her emotional intelligence enable her to successfully complete at least 20 things at the same time. Read more

  • Liivi Kompus

    Liivi Kompus

    Founder and Co-owner

    Stable, helpful and conscientious – Liivi is the godmother of Icefire’s patience and punctuality. She has the extraordinary ability to go through every little detail - ten times if necessary – and her thoroughness is a guarantee that no aspect of the plan or project is left hanging in the air.Read more

  • Jüri Kirme

    Jüri Kirme


    Systematic, rational and with great stress-resistance – Jüri is Icefire’s symbol of diligence. He also happen to be one of the most talented project managers in Estonia. Just like magic he pulls through the most complex and time-critical projects and needless to say, both the clients and colleagues feel contented and safe with Jüri. Read more

  • Jan Lakspere

    Jan Lakspere


    Jan can be considered as the embodiment of Icefire's spirit. Dashing in all of his doings and overflowing with energy, he never fails to bring lightness and positive attitude to the rest of the office. However, at the same time, Jan is also known for his stability, rational take on matters and ability to work out bulletproof solutions even for the most complicated issues. Read more

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    Every projects starts with a human contact. Let’s get to know each other and take it from there.

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Our Competencies

  • Analysis

    Icefire team of experts analyses your operations, covering both technical and business analysis, to identify the most suitable and comprehensive IT solutions for your company's current and future needs. Read more

  • Design & Development

    We offer complete software development process with emphasis on sustainable software architecture and design. Read more

  • Integration

    The essence of integration between different IT systems for us is to automate the client's business processes in the most efficient way possible. Read more

  • Implementation

    Starting from installing the software, distributing the user rights and training the users to data migration and performance tuning.Read more

  • Re-engineering and Optimising

    Icefire has long experience in helping its customers to optimize business-critical information systems. Read more

  • IT Strategy Consulting

    We offer IT Management consultancy service to help the customers develop their IT profile and strategies, formulate policies and regulations and much more. Read more

The Office

People are our biggest asset and our office is our sanctuary. Our wish is to create a workplace, which is like a second home - a place where everyone can feel comfortable and at ease. Currently we occupy three floors and have enough space to accommodate our ever-growing family!

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